Published on 08/11/20

Add me on Switch: SW-6564-8279-6004 PSN: IcedPP Xbox Live: MistPilgrim45 Discord: Jrink#6448 Twitter: https://twitter.com/IcedPp

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cool video if you could increase your bit rate on your video recording and another improvement is to equalize audio


The issues with this video are listed here (from my pov) -not a clear goal what you are trying to show with this video, I saw just a random fight. -no introduction what yiur channel is about, what is happening in the video and why should I watch the video. -sound effects were off and I didn't understand what thet have to do with the gameplay most of the time -instead of promotioning your accounts on the description, write avout the video itself and then you can write 'add me on switch', but you also need to write why are you asking me to add you.

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I'm gonna have to agree with one of the previous reviews. It's very unclear what the purpose of this video is because there is no description about what it in the description. Not sure if that's the description you decided to put here or if it's also that way on YouTube, but make sure to have a decent description in order to help your SEO. Also the edits seemed mostly random or unrelated. But most of all I didn't really have any way of knowing what character you were playing. I assume Terry, but seriously unsure about it.


Hey, Here’s my feedback, all meant as constructive with a view to helping you improve the videos :) THUMB - This looked like it was going to be a Christmas based video, at least in some way, so I think that was a little misleading. There was no clear premise from the text, and the text was difficult to read. I think it needs a clearer title so the viewer is encouraged to click on it and they have some idea what they're getting. EDITING - I think all videos need to be HD as standard these days. Anything less and it's already below many videos in the same genre. CONTENT - I'm not sure what you're doing. Showcasing the game? Showcasing your playing? Having a laugh with your friends? I don't know what the purpose of the video is as the viewer. There wasn't much interaction with your friends if that was the objective. The cutaways were odd for me as I didn't really know what point they were making, although that might be because I'm not familiar with the game. The random sounds were also confusing for me. OVERALL - I think there needs to be clear direction on the video and I'm sorry I couldn't review in a more favourable light. Getting people to watch is a tough game and videos need to be clear with an interesting/funny/outrageous/specific theme to them, otherwise there's no reason to watch. Even the videos with the most of chaos (e.g Dunkey) have a clear drive, which is why they are successful. All the best.

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