Attempting Guinness World Records


Galaxy Rider
Published on 08/11/20

A video where a friend and I attempt the strangest Guinness World Records. Do we succeed?! Find out.

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For the most part, at least include a bit of research, or at least correct yourself during editing if you have time, this is specifically about the first record you attempted


maybe put in overlays where info for old records is and how you did and review the degree of difficulty out of 10 or so.


Really good stuff from you guys. This reminds me a lot of an early MrBeast. Keep it up!

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I would overlay a timer since most of your challenges have a time limit. Also it's pretty obvious that your were trying to mess up which isn't that funny. If you want to make sure you'll mess up easily and naturally then do the challenge, but with a surprise twist that makes it extra challenging. Good job with the lob mics, they help the audio a ton. Also good thumbnail.


There is great promise in these videos! Right off the bat the thumbnail is pretty good. In terms of improving the video I would try to add a little more editing perhaps with a small segment before each record explaining what the record is with a bit of music or something. Overall keep going!


Really cool thumbnail. You could add a live timer during the challenges and maybe cut some footage which felt a bit redudant. Overall good job. Also maybe you can try to force some jokes a bit less so they can seem natural.


Really good thumbnail keep up the good work.


The thumbnail was really awesome. Good length on video, Keep it up


This video is a fun watch and the thumbnail game is on point! The only thing I can say is there are a couple of bits that could be cut out because they kind of drag a little. Overall, good stuff!


The thumbnail is what made me click on this video. And this video was thoroughly entertaining. A little more editing and this would be a masterpiece

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