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Galaxy Rider
Published on 08/11/20

Get ready for the hilarious Speak Out mouth-guard party game! Xzavier and Caleb will battle it out in a competition of saying the most phrases with a mouth spreader! However, they won't be able to speak normally and look ridiculous. With special guest ZAC as the guesser, who will pronounce their cards the best!? May the Best SPEAK OUT player win! Prepare for a funny video! Subscribe and Ill dye my hair pink for 100 subscribers! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXRg... 3D render by

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Much more entertaining than other quarentine times that I've watched from you. You guys are speaking more clearly and confidently... somehow... and it really helps a lot. Camera man Zack did a great job, even the accidental zooming seemed like it was on purpose cause of what was going on so he must just be a natrual :P


i love the intro a lot. i think you should work on camera quality. there is a weird electronic sound to your voice that just doesbt feel good. the camera is a bit blurry. the video needs a bit more editing. in some parts u missed alot of opprtunies of a really funny edit that matched your editing style. but other than that love the video


thats alright casue what ya have is great, i was more speaking for the future. also i want to see that pink hair


I feel like you could add some text or a picture with what you guys are trying to say cause I’m having a bit of trouble trying to keep track


Nice Content. Quite humorous. ADD more text into it so it can be more perfect for a content. It's hard to catch up what u talking about


Its pretty enjoyable. I like how confident both of you are on camera and how natural you are. Zoom-ins are on time BUT sometimed a second or two too long. I understand you partiality aim for comedy of awkwardness, but too much also kills the joke. Pretty cool apart from that.


great video!

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