Call of Duty: Warzone - Train Girlfriend to Fight not Flight


Debuff on Demand
Published on 10/27/20

Call of Duty: Warzone - Train GirlfriThis episode features funny moments as the girlfriend tries out a solo Battle Royale shooter for the first time. Starting off with a couple of practice rounds against the bots and upgrading to the real arena. Watch as she tries to overcome the flight instinct (to run away) and keep an eye on that kill and death counter too ;) Bonus boyfriend round at the end where you can decide whose play-style is better! Let us know what your favourite moments are. Whet

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Another great video. Only real critique is that the text screens that separate your sections is a little fast. I would double the time on them just to make sure people have enough time to actually read what it says. Other than that the video could have probably been shorter, but that's really just nitpicky. The video was pretty solid otherwise. I like your chemistry.


amazing video

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