Borderlands 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 | FL4K | BeastMaster | Hostile Takeover | Gigamind


Published on 02/23/21

Contents in this Borderlands 3 Gameplay Walkthrough are: Hostile Takeover Access Gigamind, Meet ZerO at Halcyon Spaceport, Maliwan outrunner, assault trooper, Critical, Billyclub bot, Maliwan cyclone, Maliwan Hower runner, Area discovered, Rise and Grind coffeehouse, Halcyon Suborbital Spaceport, ZerO, Gigamind, Kill Gigamind, The Jackal, Health Charge, Second wind, fight for your life, No-Scope Hope, Sweet spotter, Assassin, Take Gigamind's Gigabrain, Katagawa Jr., Return to watershed base, O

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