Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay Walkthrough Part 13 | Dathomir | Find The Astrium on Dathomir


Published on 02/23/21

This is the first part of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Chapter KASHYYYK | Meet Tarfful and Mari on Kashyyyk The thing discovered in this part of the mission are: Find The Astrium on Dathomir Lesser Nydak, Bane Bake Spider, Strangled cliffs, Burial Pods, Dathomir, Upper Strangled cliffs, Night sister Training, Shortcut Unlocked, Ominous Effigy, A Nightsister, Nightbrother Warrior, Meditate, Brother's Bastion, Nightbrother Archer, Work bench, sense echo, Life essence acquired, Temptation, Multipl

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If there's anything i recommend, try turning on in game subtitles, along with another idea for videos, speedruns if you haven't already, i think a speed run of a triple a game would be interesting

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