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What is YoPromote?

YoPromote is a feedback centric platform designed to help small YouTubers improve. But most importantly, YoPromote is a COMMUNITY. If youre looking to blow up on YouTube quickly then this website is not for you. But if you genuinely love everything about YouTube, enjoy helping others, and are constantly striving to improve your content then I think youll like it here.

Heres everything you NEED to know before you start using the website:

1. In order to have your video reviewed, you must have more than 50 points.

2. Get points by leaving feedback on other peoples videos (# of points is determined based on how much of the video is watched, but only transferred after feedback is given).

3. You lose points when other people give you feedback, so make sure to maintain your points above 50 if you want to continue using the site!

YoPromote is simple: just watch videos, leave feedback, and get better. Now, although thats all you NEED to know to use the website, I still recommend reading the rest of the questions and answers on this page.

Why isn’t my video showing up on the website? How does the points system work?

Basically in order for you to have your video show up on the website you need at least 50 promo points. You get one promo point for every second of someone’s video watched after they approve your feedback. Half of the total amount of promo points due will transfer to you immediately after you submit your feedback, but the other half will only come after they approve it. Conversely you lose promo points for every second of your video which got watched by someone after you approve their feedback. Again, half of the total amount will be lost as soon as someone has submitted feedback on your channel and the other half will be lost after you approve their feedback. So basically, if user B watched 30 seconds user A’s video, he will get 15 promo points after submitting feedback. Once user A has accepted user B’s feedback then an additional 15 points will be transferred from user A to user B. If user A rejects user B’s feedback then he will get his points back. However, I will be monitoring all rejected feedback, so don’t try to cheat the system. One more caveat to the point system is that watching a video for longer than 10 minutes won’t earn you any additional points.

If this sounds complicated then all you need to know is giving quality feedback will get you promo points and that you can’t cheat the system. Also you need more than 50 promo points for your videos to show up on the website and you may lose promo points from one day to the next. The good news is that during this cycle of giving feedback and losing promo points you will also gain high effort feedback, tangible advice and perspective to help improve as a content creator.

My video thumbnail isn’t showing up or I’m getting an error whenever I try to play it.

This means you submitted your video link incorrectly. Here are two links to YouTube videos showing two different correct methods of submitting your video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBH-Dt-8VSE&feature=youtu.be (no audio, but pretty self-explanatory)


I got feedback which basically amounts to “great video,” do I need to approve their feedback?

No, of course not. It’s your points and u worked for them so ur well within your right to reject low effort feedback. That said, make sure to approve deliberate feedback that did take effort even if you don’t necessarily agree with it.

Can I be brutally honest in my feedback?

Yes. Just make sure to explain the thoughts and feelings behind your assessment. Merely saying someone or something is unfunny is unhelpful. Surely you can do more to explain why you thought it wasn’t funny or how it could have been made more funny. The more you can explain your mindset and perspective to the content creator, the better.

I don’t know what to give feedback on. What do I do?

If you can’t give feedback as one content creator to another, try to give feedback as a viewer. What points stood out to you? What did you find funny or unfunny? Where was your engagement highest or lowest? Any information you can give as a viewer is valid and valuable. Even though viewing experiences can be subjective they can still offer the content creator a perspective they didn’t have before. There’s a cognitive bias called the curse of knowledge which describes how difficult it can be for one to communicate a message to another when they have additional knowledge that the other doesn’t. It’s a bias that even marketers and salesmen fall prey to, professionals whose entire careers are built around communicating a particular message. And for these people the solution is often to survey their targeted audience because it’s practically impossible to erase from your mind the knowledge you do have and try to imagine the different experiences of those without your knowledge. It’s why I’m always trying to talk to you guys about how your experiences as users are. So for example, if a YouTuber tries to make a particularly subtle joke, knowing full well the intended meaning, he might fall prey to the curse of knowledge because his viewers may not be able to pick up on it. So again, any kind of information one can give to a YouTuber about their viewing experience can help provide a little more perspective.

This seems like a really good idea. How can I help support it in its early stages?

So a lot of users have been a huge help to me in our early stages. Just using the website and letting me know how your experience has been going, how I can make it better, and reporting bugs is very helpful. You can always message me these things through Twitter or my Reddit profile u/knownotunknown123 or by emailing me at realyopromote@gmail.com

What communities can I join for YoPromote?

So you can join the subreddit r/YoPromote or the unofficial discord made by one of our users, Zioskami: https://discord.gg/PXJyb4E

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