Fortnite: But My Computer Doesn't Cooperate


Published on 08/11/20

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The video was great the humor was great only thing is turn up your bit rate on video capture if possible. It will make the video appear more sharp


I see you make videos very frequently, which is great for growth in YT. The title could be more interesting or tell something about the video. The thumbnail was rather good on the other hand. Some sound effects were really good timed. The audio quality sounded more like console players mics, there is room to improve the audio quality when playing on PC. I liked the chill background music, it was not too loud. The standard for making gaming videos in nowadays HD and this was 720p so it's a little turnoff.


Hi nice video I can see you added some care into it I only have 1 question What is the sound effect for when you get knocked down in the first match


You are extremely funny and I see youre kind of taking youtube seriously but I recommend that you improve your audio and stuff.


im one of the rare who never played this game


looks fun! thanks for sharing :) I will need to try this game for sure


I like your commentary. It's fun


This game is amazing I think I will try it out

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