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Published on 08/11/20

This took longer cuz i felt like making this one extra special. Feedback is appreciated! Check out the twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/icedpp Follow me on twitter where i don't post: https://twitter.com/IcedPp Add me on Discord: Jrink#6448

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The thumbnail on this video is ok. You could maybe have made the "Modded Fun" text a little larger to emphasize it more. The flashback was a little too long. The stop in the middle to ask for like and subscribe was cute, but all ran a little long. The rest of the video was really good. I liked the style of subtitles that you had here, though I would suggest the pop in to be a little faster so the text has more time on the screen before it pops away. I would also bring them all in closer to center bottom, cause it's really hard to have your attention keep darting all around the screen. Overall really funny tho.


Editing is phenomenal! The use of captions, memes and other stuff is really good! But sometimes the captions feel a bit small.


I agree with the other reviewer - the thumbnail is a bit lackluster. If possible, I would try to use shaders or something to spice up the thumbnail and make it stand out from the generic thumbnail. The flashback could have been a bit shorter, but overall it added enough to the video to where I wasn't bothered by it. Your use of captions is amazing, and I can imagine those took FOREVER to edit in. The music/sound effects were utilized very well, too. However, I would have shortened (or maybe even completely scrapped) the subscribe scene in the middle. I feel like if your content is high quality, it will make people want to do it without you having to ramble. Overall, 4/5 from me... A few things could be touched up, but you did a good job in the end.


Based on other peoples reviews about your thumbnail, i recomend just finding the most cursed frame in the video and put a but of shading or outer glow than boom! Easy thumbnail

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