Playing With The Homies' Bed


Published on 08/11/20

this took a while, so enjoy Next time watch it live on twitch: Follow me on twitter where i don't post: Add me on Discord: Jrink#6448 Feedback is appreciated!

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Those subtitles were awesome, how did you made them? I am doing mine manually and its really slow and painfull. Your text (yellow) was not tho clear enough because it had white glow, consider change white to some darker color. I liked also the sound effects you added on the video.


For the most part, I wouldn’t recommend the yellow and white subtitles, hard to read those but other than that, pretty good


I like the effects, but the thumbnail in my opinion doesn't look too intriguing or representative of the video. I would try giving viewers a reason to click, as I dont really feel any desire to watch when I just see ice cubes with crowns. But some of the effects cracked me up, so make more of those!

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