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Published on 08/11/20

Next time check it out live Feedback is appreciated! Check out the twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/icedpp Follow me on twitter where i sometimes post: https://twitter.com/iced_pp Add me on Discord: Jrink#6448

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Not bad, but the use of the n word can be unpleasant to listen to.


It's very funny. Has good energy. Quite a good video just to start watching! I like the animation at the start with the text. I like the other memes added to the video! It is a good touch. It is just a funny video in general, you and your friend's commentary adds to the fun too.


This is way better than the smash bros videos I watched earlier, well thanks to commentary. The thumbnail was actually pretty good so keep making those to your other videos too. The audio level was time to time too loud.

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Ok so the freak out is pretty funny. And the pacing is nice and broken up nicely by the occasional meme. One thing I would say you can work on is balancing the audio of the other people that are watching you play. They were really hard to hear especially when compared to how loud you are (you're volume is fine just bring them up). I don't know if you can record party chat to a separate file, but if not, you might consider asking them to record themselves separately and send you the files either through email or PTP software like Resilio if it's too big for email.


Wasn't expecting a game lol


funny game lol




Am also a mother I love the animation , although is funny nice video you have there, keep it up

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