Still D.R.E- Beatbox and Piano cover


Published on 09/04/20

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Well the orientation of this video doesn't work well for youtube, it would be better suited for more vertical platforms like tiktok or instagram. You've got a decent thing going but if you want to try and break into the youtube market then try and get a landscape orientation going. Maybe even try adding more viewpoints with close up on the keyboard and a profile of the vocal mic.


The music itself sounded very good, that beatboxing was awesome, but the video was not on the same level. What I mean is that shooting from one angle with a very everyday background decreases the quality overall. As mentioned earlier, this was not very suitable for Youtube. The video is too short and there is nothing information, only the titles cover what is it about. I would like to see more info in metadata, like who are you, for how long have you practiced beatboxing, etc. But my advice is that you need to plan the video to be more compatible with Youtube. Keep up making great music!


I would suggest adding some type of branding. It'll be more beneficial for your channel if people don't just sub for the music, but also for you. Maybe add an intro and talk a little before you go straight into the music. Find some ways to show your personality.


On thing to make this more optimized for YT is put something in the side bars be it video or picture


This is pretty good but I would say that the camera angle/background is not interesting. But I think the beatboxing is good though!


As a fan of DRE this was nice as hell to listen to. Maybe you guys should try a video where you do this in a park or something and get people's live reactions, see if you could even build a crowd. Not sure why the actual video was so tiny as opposed to the entire frame but you're working with what you have i suppose


Nice, I loved it! Full disclosure, you might be getting some nostalgia points from me; this album dropped when I was in high school and it brings back good memories. As for critiques, I feel like the beatboxing should be a little louder; the piano dominated the decibels just a little too much. I would also do some more creative camera work. Nothing is more boring the tripod view that lasts for more than 5 seconds. Still great tho, good work!


Chill beats! It might help to invest in a multi-cam setup so you can vary the visuals. Maybe add in some zooms, pans, or other visual effects. Otherwise, I liked the music quality!


The content is great but the video could be better... Suggest you use horizontal video for youtube (you can use a second phone for vertical if you are also recording for tik tok) You should also add a 20 second end screen so I have time to digest the video and subscribe if I like or YT will autoplay the next video.

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