Drum and Bass Beatbox & Loop Freestyle


Published on 09/04/20

Hello, this is the last upload featuring K_Pantelos on the loop. This is a freestyle we came up on the spot and I decided to upload it. Hope u like it

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I am not sure how this live feedback works, but I will give it a shot: I would like to see an introduction of ou guys, who you are etc.


Full resolution with better film setup would do good for this type of video. Also, this is rather short, maybe try to make it 2x or 3x longer so you will get more successful in Youtube.


That was super cool, you are good at what you do and I like this freestyle a lot!

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Pretty good freestyle. sometimes it did field like you guys lost tempo with eachother just a little, but you were able to find it again pretty quickly. Besides, it is a freestyle, so that's likely to happen. Otherwise great.


Pretty good for a freestyle. There was one point where it felt like you two lost track of the other, but because it's a freestyle it is expected to happen. Maybe try getting a third friend who likes to sing or rap while you two are making the beat and you'll have an entire song :)


This was a pretty fun watch! You two have some serious skills given that was a freestyle. If I were to offer constructive criticism, I'd recommend that you film in landscape over portrait mode. You can also cut the last part with talking. Looking forward to your future content!

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