The Doctor Plays Mafia Definitive edition - Gameplay/Impression


Published on 10/21/20

In 2002, I played the original Mafia and as amazing as that game was, I was looking forward to this remake that has been built from ground and up. Had to make a gameplay/impressions video

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Definitely interesting. I haven't heard of this game. I do think that the parts where you pause the video to insert the GIFs or "Racing Mission" images could've been overlayed on the video so it doesn't feel like you're breaking immersion with the video. As someone who played the original, i think you should do a playthrough to see what they changed/updated/added since you sounded pretty excited for the game at the start of the video.


Love your intro it is really cool! With your thumbnail my I suggest making thumbnail that is appealing as it is just some people shooting. I recommend adding text and adding background ETC to make it more appealing. I like the waiting clip, nice addition. It is very formal and thorough which is good for an impression video. I like the little facts you talk about, it is a good way to educate people and makes people think they want the game. I think you overused the racing image, and would suggest you add some voice over to it as everything just stops. The video is a little choppy at times may be due to low framerate but other than that it is a high-quality video.


Next next next gen


This little monologue on how it improved is nice


The still images are a little weird


I would have used clips of all the ways it’s trash


This is a long intro


I see no difference


When you’re talking, it’s hard to hear the dialogue


I’d suggest a better microphone, some the sounds just feel unclean


9 minutes in and you finally get to press a button


Overall, not bad, but some audio issues could have been worked out with a little tweaking. Other than that, pretty good video.


Awesome graphics. I am definitely going to play this game. I loved the details, lighting in this gameplay video. Except for the times it shows face closeups it gives feeling of watching a movie. The chasing and the old model cars are awesome.

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