Fall Guys- Does Girlfriend Qualify or get Eliminated?


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Published on 10/27/20

In this video, we’re having the girlfriend try one of the most popular games right now: Fall Guys! Join us for fun filled animated highlights of another Battle Royale game, but this time it is a race to the finish line. (No shooting required) There will be a lot of fails, maybe some wins and a whole bunch of trips, falls and tumbles. Will she ever qualify for a second round or will she continually get eliminated? Let us know what your favourite moments are. Whether

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Great video. I really like how you guys just refer to each other as "Girlfriend" and "Boyfriend" as if those are your actual names. It's quite cute. The montage of eliminations was pretty funny. Also your characters in this one were a lot more animated which was pretty funny to watch.


Those subtitles and other texts were brilliant! well-timed and working. Also again those characters did their job. "Watching" your dialogue was much nicer than if I just would have been listening to it because I felt I was involved in the situation. I would not easily enjoy watching someone playing a game they are not good at, but this one was entertaining. That other run was also brilliant because you changed the system with some fresh ideas by commentating on your GF's run. It would have been better tho if you had some more experience commentating like they do in a sports game or something. It was still entertaining. That third run was pain to watch, but because it was so bad it was actually funny to watch :D That's all I have to say this time, keep it up!


My thoughts exactly at this point :'D


I wrote a pretty comprehensive live feedback on this video, but this was the 5th time it vanished when I pressed "Add Review". But here in nutshell: +Once again the characters were awesome, it felt like I was involved in the dialogue +I liked the commentary on the second run, it made the video fresh and not repetitive. The commentary could have been a little bit smoother tho like in sports. +The third run was terrible to watch but it was so bad that I found it amusing +Those texts were working well and they were well placed so were the animations of the characters! at 4:02 My thoughts exactly xD keep it up! a funny video.


Haven't played the game before but I like the dynamic that you and your girlfriend have At 2:45 I probably would've dropped the controller and gave up there lol at 5:31 she really clutched up the game just to get the chip lmaoo I really got invested into your girlfriend winning the last match of the video, she was doing really well. Hoping for more of these in the future!


The commentating is a little dull


I’m not sure what it is but somethings not clicking with me

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