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Published on 08/11/20

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So the first thing I notice is that we don't really have any way to know who's talking during deliberation. This is actually pretty important in an Among Us video and it's not too difficult. You could just add a speaker icon on whoever is talking during deliberation or zoom in on the speaker's card. Another recommendation which you can take or leave is to deafen when not in deliberation. But that's honestly up to how you like to play the game and you guys didn't talk during that part that much anyways.


Keep it up the good content!


The subscribe call to action was actually pretty creative, normally I hate when it's super early in the video but you did it a bit differently so I didn't mind. Agree with the other comment that we can't tell who's talking during the meetings. You guys also use real names and not the game names so that added to the audience's confusion.


Anything i would recommend in this video that im pretty sure you already implemented in your latest videos but with some people in the vid harder to hear i think you should add captions to visually display what everyones saying or atleast when its hard to hear, so just a reminder if you forget while editing your next vid.


I think your call to action is good just keep it up in my own view I think your call to action should be at the beginning

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