Painting Portraits of Each Other to Become MASTER Artists!


Galaxy Rider
Published on 08/11/20

Xzavier and Caleb are back at it again with a spicy new challenge! Their challenge today is to create a masterpiece of one another using only their wits and the skills at their fingertips to do so. Will they succeed in becoming master artists? Let the paint decide... Choose the winner wisely..... Did you notice the second secret kermit the frog? Let us know in the comments! Subscribe! We're getting close to 100 subscribers! Caleb will dye his hair pink if you do! 3D render by S

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Imma be honest, even though you wanted to have a surprise at the end I really think you could’ve shown the process of painting, it could much more to the video in not just length but more And easier jokes To make


The music was a bit loud at the beginning, good choice but tone it down a bit. The end of that music was also abrupt, you should add an audio fade transition. The knock knock jokes were a bit confusing to me, I guess I was kind of expecting an actual painting video as opposed to a comedy. Maybe add "(COMEDIC)" into the title so the viewer doesn't just leave when they realize it's not about painting.


Not bad!! there's hope haha :)


good analysis

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