Wasteland 3- Girlfriend is Ruthless to NPC Companion


Debuff on Demand
Published on 10/27/20

Not only did the girlfriend explode the dog but after flirting and recruiting Lucia to the team, there is no end to the insults to the poor companion. We started with a standard lifesized group of survivors, but a lightbulb moment left us instead with a team of super elite smaller than average killers (with man voices). Their very names shall invoke fear to all those who hear them: Gunny, Snipey, Stabby and Clubby. Other than that, life is jolly with lots of animated discussions and animal c

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first and foremost - the animated toons were absolutely epic. The title was really eye catching and brings viewers in so great job on that. The audio was absolutely spot on and clear to listen to. YOu have made a great video and you have spent a good amount of time and effort and it shows. Well done and very impressive


Hey, Liked your intro where you explain what you're doing. I also like the description you gave with the video, it's nice and fun. I'm also a fan of the animations you use for you and your girlfriend. The transitions back to restarting the game were clear, meaning it was obvious that you were restarting and why. There's not a lot that I would change about it. maybe zooming in on some things that she's obviously missing or when she notices them, but that's it.

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