The Legend of HeeHaa


Galaxy Rider
Published on 08/11/20

This is The Legend of HEEHAA and the story of his creation This is a tribute to Unus Annus, to preserve its memory Created based on the Unus Annus cryptid This is my own fan rendition of the character HEEHOO. #unusannus #momentomori

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This is amazing. Like I genuinely can’t wait for more. It tells a story and it tells it well and it sequel baits. I think more images could have been used in the earlier parts but other than that absolutely solid 8.5/10


this is really interesting. I have no idea what a HEEHOO is but for a parody I'm lowkey interested to see where this is going. If there's anything I'd have to say is that a majority of the video is just a black screen with text with an occasion image or video in the back. I definitely think if you added more stuff in between or maybe formatted it so it looked like these notes were being taken on like documentation paper or a clipboard on the side with videos in the center of the screen it would get way more traction. Good stuff!


id say, only thing id recommend is a voice over although than music might be sacrificed, yah know ive been needing to test out my voice skills in videos so maybe i could help in voice overs if you dont feel you could do it yourself or are just too lazy to do so.

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