Dying my Hair Pink for 100 subscribers!


Galaxy Rider
Published on 08/11/20

Thank you guys so much for subscribing! It means so much to me! Here my end of the deal! enjoy my pink hair while it lasts! Galaxy Rider ? http://www.youtube.com/GalaxyRider? ??????? ? http://www.twitter.com/galaxy_rider17? ??s?????? ? http://www.instagram.com/caleb_d2003? ?????? ? http://www.reddit.com/r/GalaxyRider? Youtube Blast Off ?https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrXg...? Please check him out if you're struggling with Youtube Music Liscensed by Epidemic Sound Outro b

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congrats on milestone dude! only thing i gotta say, were is Xavier?


I could never dye my hair because it looks like rubbing paint into my hair, and i'm terrified of how it'll look but i don't think it looks particularly bad on you man Congrats on reaching 100 man! A nice heartfelt video for a huge milestone. Here's to 1k subs next!


accidentally left a live feedback reply but yeah the same stuff applies, congrats again man! The pink hair doesn't look that bad, can't wait to see you make it permanent soon enough lol


nice video! :)


Congratulations you will get to 10k Sub very soon is hard work

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