Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Walkthrough | Part-11 | Playing For Time | Automatic Love [Corpo Lifepath]


Published on 02/23/21

The thing discovered in this part of the mission are: Playing For Time Leave the apartment, Johnny, Talk to the Stanger, Crawl towards the pills, Street creed, Takemura, Meet with Takemura, Talk to Takemura, Calm Takemura, Judy, Mission Complete, Automatic Love, Call Judy, Find Evelyn at Lizzie's Bar, Meet with Judy, Lizzie's Bar, Lissie Tech Pistol, Talk to Judy, Take the cigarette case, Mr. Hands, Leave Lizzie's Bar, Go to Mega buiding HB, Take the elevator to Clouds, Head to c

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I absolutely enjoyed this game. Yes there are some bugs but then again the game was of such magnitude that you have to expect bugs. I like that you uploading a walkthrough. Makes it more of a movie experience. Keep it up


if theres anything id recommend, since cyber punk has a bunch of bugs i recommend making a secondary series or compilations dedicated to bugs and other funny crap you find, easy and funny content


Great game. Your video capture is good too, may I suggest to add some branding - Intro outro screens. just to make it more personal

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